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Integrate iboss cloud with existing cybersecurity technology investments via standardized connectors and protocols

Web gateways are responsible for ensuring secure connectivity as users access a wide range of applications and resources in the cloud. The gateways have the ability to inspect traffic for unwanted content, malware and data loss. Because of the gateway's critical role of inspecting packets, files and data as it traverses to and from the cloud, the ability to feed that data into other systems for further analysis extends the overall efficacy of the platform.

Any file the iboss cloud inspects can be inspected by any other system as the cloud will forward the file to the external system and wait for a response before proceeding. Forwarding of files is performed by the industry standard ICAP protocol. In addition, any traffic the iboss cloud gateways inspect can be forwarded to any other system by forwarding that traffic to the external system instead of the original destination. This is typically performed via proxy forwarding or proxy chaining.

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