Make MPLS and SD-WAN More Efficient with Cloud Security  

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Send internet traffic directly to the cloud from branch offices to alleviate this load from private site-to-site connections

As applications move from internal networks to the cloud, bandwidth between offices should continue to decrease as traffic is directed to cloud applications. Sending internet and cloud destined traffic through private MPLS or SD-WAN links is not only expensive, but unsustainable. Typically, the reason for sending traffic through private MPLS and SD-WAN links is to apply internet security with centrally hosted on-prem security appliances. Use iboss cloud to provide in-the-cloud security for branch offices so that internet traffic is offloaded from private office connections via branch office internet breakouts. This will prolong any MPLS or SD-WAN deployment by alleviating this unnecessary load from already heavily loaded connections. Best of all, you can eliminate the need for centrally hosted appliances resulting in savings and higher end-user productivity.

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