Dedicated Cloud IP Addresses  

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The iboss cloud provides unique source IP Address identity in the cloud so that existing policies that rely on them are maintained

When traffic leaves an organization's network destined to the cloud, the source IP Address of that traffic is uniquely associated with the organization. These addresses are typically assigned by the Internet Service Provider to the organization. This IP is used to restrict access to portals and connect to back-office networks.

The unique association between the source IP Address and an organization's identity on the Internet has become an important aspect for integration due it's use by IT departments to connect vendors and technology integrations. IT teams provide these IP Addresses to thirdparties to connect the organization's network and provide access to the resources provided by the third-party.

When moving to a cloud-based gateway platform, typically the ability to maintain unique source IP presence in the cloud is lost. For example, if a user is mobile and being protected at a coffee shop, as they access the Internet, the outside world may not see that user as belonging to the organization because the source IP is mapped to the coffee shop and not the organization itself. This can be challenging and put IT departments in a predicament as they look at migrating from on-prem Web Gateway appliances to a cloud-based gateway platform.

With the iboss cloud, each customer gets dedicated source cloud IP Addresses which are associated with the organization. Because of this, any data traversing the global cloud gateways in iboss cloud will have a uniquely associated IP Address that can be mapped to the organization. This means that users always appear to be accessing the Internet from within the organization regardless of whether they're in the office or on the road. This preserves the critical co

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