Secure User Internet Access Wherever Users Roam  

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The iboss cloud shifts the focus from following perimeters to following users. This includes users inside the organization's four walls and on the road. With applications running in the cloud, this ensures protection is consistent in and out of the office.

Traditional network security appliances such as Secure Web Gateways are purely designed to protect rigid network perimeters. The problem is, users are everywhere and the critical business applications have moved to the cloud making them accessible from anywhere. This includes Microsoft Office 365 which has changed the way businesses operate providing incredible value in the cloud.

The iboss cloud lives in the cloud where the applications live. This means protection is delivered in the same way cloud applications are delivered. Protection for users is always on as users move from place to place and more applications shift to the cloud. This gives IT Security teams the coverage they need today and cloud strategy they need tomorrow.

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