Reduce or Eliminate Load on VPN Connections from Work From Home Users  

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Send Cloud Application Traffic from Remote Users Directly to the Cloud Reducing Load on VPNs and Increasing Remote User Productivity

Cloud application traffic from remote users is traditionally sent through slow and overloaded VPNs to provide network security for compliance, malware defense and data loss. This typically results in slow connections or down networks preventing users from working effectively in work from home scenarios. The problem is, cloud application traffic should NOT be sent through VPNs. If the traffic is destined to the cloud, why is it being sent back to the office?

With the iboss cloud platform, you can completely offload your VPN connections by sending cloud application traffic directly from work from home users to the cloud. All of the traffic is sent through the iboss cloud platform first, to ensure compliance, malware defense and data loss prevention. This immediately reduces or eliminates load from VPN connections bringing the network back up to normal operation and ensuring users are productive while working from home.

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