User and Group Based Policies Designed to Increase Productivity  

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User and group based policies provide the flexibility to create differentiated rolebased Internet access allowing users to be productive and secure

Each department within an organization typically needs varying levels of Internet access depending what the job entails. The ability for IT administrators to create tailored web access roles to enable productivity while ensuring compliance and security is critical. A single one size fits all policy is not only overly prohibitive but also reduces productivity. The iboss cloud allows for the creation of varying policies depending on which user is accessing the Internet. This ensures the user can accomplish what they are trying to achieve online while remaining secure from malware and other threats on the Internet.

These policies are automatically assigned to users so they are seamlessly assigned ensuring low friction and a great user experience. In addition, the policies can be tied to Active Directory Security Groups or Organizational Units to simplify the assignment of policies to users within the organization. In addition, SAML can be used to tie users to specific policies based on user or group membership.

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