The iboss cloud Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Private Access Platform architecture  

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Allow users to work from anywhere and connect to any cloud application, public or private, with iboss cloud

Organizations are constantly faced with competitive pressures that force them to adapt their business. While an organization's technology strategies and resources should keep pace with these changes, the reality is they often lag behind. This creates a gap between how people work and how the IT infrastructure supports them. When the gap becomes too big, many problems arise, including security risks, operational disruption, compliance violations, skyrocketing costs, and poor user experience.

Organizations deploying and using legacy network security appliances to protect cloud connectivity and internet access are faced with these problems today. Mobility, exponential bandwidth growth and cloud application adoption is leading to escalating costs, difficulty in securing users outside of the traditional network perimeter, and loss of end user productivity due to slow connections resulting from forcing traffic for remote workers through corporate networks. The physical network perimeter has eroded making devices the new network perimeter. Users can work from anywhere and need fast and secure connections to all cloud resources regardless of location.

The shift to a Zero Trust network architecture allows organizations to ensure fast compliant and secure connections from any location. Because users are always connected through the cloud network security service, access to cloud applications and resources can be granted based on who the user is, including the user's role within an organization. These resources can be public or private. Public resources might include Microsoft Office 365, while private resources are those that are typically behind a firewall or within a corporate network. The iboss cloud network security service is connected to all resources and makes decisions on which resources a user might have access based on user identity. The iboss cloud platform connects users to cloud resources based on role using a Zero Trust architecture Private access

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