Extend iboss cloud into a Private Cloud Point of Presence  

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The design of the iboss cloud allows the cloud to extend seamlessly into an optional private cloud point of presence

In some cases customers have data center capacity and would like to extend the iboss cloud into a private cloud. When this occurs, the customer creates a private cloud Point Of Presence (POP) and iboss cloud extends naturally into the private cloud adding one more POP to it’s global data center footprint. The private cloud only services the particular customer and is dedicated capacity for that customer. Everything needed to create a private cloud POP is provided by iboss. The containerized architecture of iboss cloud makes this seamless as iboss provides containerized gateway capacity that runs within the customer’s data center. Because the private cloud is just an extension of the global iboss cloud, any policies or controls configured within iboss cloud will automatically extend into the private cloud POP. The private cloud becomes part of the iboss cloud extending it to private points of presence. This provides the consistency in security and user experience necessary when extending the cloud into your headquarters or corporate data centers. All private cloud capacity is provided by iboss which reduces costs and simplifies deployment. Extending into a private cloud is completely optional but is available when needed.

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