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At a time when digital businesses are disrupting industries in stunning fashion, the importance of skilled and talented employees has never been greater. Successful companies have workforces that collaborate, respond to competitive challenges and originate winning digital strategies.

IT decision-makers (ITDMs) get it. According to Forrester Consulting, 82% of IT leaders see employee productivity as a high or critical priority.1

Although employee productivity is the responsibility of many corporate departments, including human resources and security teams, ITDMs should provide employees with the technology that enables them to do better work, regardless of location. With the right technology, employees are more engaged, inspired and happy.

The importance of delivering an excellent employee experience is being recognized by IT leaders and corporate management alike. According to IDC, 23% of IT departments have added a success metric around the end-user experience. And IDC finds that by 2021, 60% of Global 2000 corporations are expected to actively monitor and manage employee experience and utilize employee experience as a key differentiator to build and maintain B2B and B2C relationships.2

Research by MIT finds that companies in the top quartile of employee experience are far more successful than companies in the bottom quartile. For example, top-quartile companies deliver twice the innovation, double the customer satisfaction and 25% higher profits than bottom-quartile organizations.3

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