Signs it’s time to upgrade your CMS – and how your growing business can do it right.  

Increase Landing Page Conversions

Rubrik, a cloud data management company based in Palo Alto, California, built their first website on a shoestring budget using WordPress. That worked fine during the startup phase, but as the company grew, the platform wasn’t able to scale with their business. The site had stability and performance issues. The company’s marketers depended heavily on IT to publish updates and they couldn’t easily reuse content.

Tim Chen, director of web marketing at Rubrik, lobbied to replace WordPress with a modern content management system (CMS). He felt strongly that marketers should be able to self-publish content. “Making developers update tons of pages is just a huge waste of their time,” he said. Chen won the IT stakeholders over by explaining how the new platform would improve site stability, security and compliance. With the marketing stakeholders, he emphasised the opportunities to accelerate pipeline growth and get content to market faster.

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