Microsoft Office 365, Compromised  

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So far this year, Area 1 has intercepted $273 MILLION+ in active Business Email Compromise — phishing attempts that were missed by Office 365, email gateways and other traditional defenses.

Even with ATP, if you’re missing a purpose-built, cloud-native email security layer, your Office 365 users are at risk for Business Email Compromise phishing and other advanced threats.

Join Area 1’s Sr. Product Manager and former CISO of Guess? Inc, Kevin Wilson, along with Dominic Yip, Director of Sales Engineering, on Aug. 27th to understand:

  • How bad actors evade Office 365’s ATP, email authentication and other security layers to successfully phish your users
  • Recent examples of BEC and other phishing campaigns that bypassed Office 365 defenses, but were blocked by Area 1
  • How to boost Office 365’s native security with six cloud-native techniques, such as campaign source analytics, conversational context analysis, partner social graphing and more

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