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Securing cloud environments is different from securing traditional data centers and endpoints. The dynamic nature of the cloud requires continuous assessment and automation to avoid misconfigurations, compromises, and breaches.

It can also be difficult to gain complete visibility across dynamic and rapidly changing cloud environments — limiting your ability to enforce security at scale. On top of these challenges, cloud governance is critical to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and security policies as they evolve.

Because cloud deployments are not just implemented once and left untouched, organizations need to consider how to integrate security into their CI/CD pipeline and software development lifecycle. Implementing a security solution that addresses cloud challenges requires deep security and cloud expertise that organizations often do not have.

Once in the cloud, organizations manage and create environments via automation, adapt their workloads to changes by automatically provisioning resources, and use the newest technologies that drive innovation. The cloud era brings a new paradigm to the way organizations manage security and control their environments. They need to automate cloud governance, security and compliance, while also incorporating those features as early as possible into their software development life cycle.

Taking cloud security to the next maturity level begins with continuous security governance and compliance, and a prevention-focused state of mind.

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