Data Gravity Index 

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As the largest global provider of multi-tenant datacenter capacity,1 Digital Realty has a unique vantage point on how technology infrastructure is built, deployed and operated. Our customers continue to solve the most complex infrastructure, connectivity and workload use cases on our platform globally. This includes use cases across network peering, hyperscale, low-latency, highperformance computing, big data and artificial intelligence.

Recently, we have witnessed the emergence of a new megatrend occurring on our platform: the explosion of enterprise data growth globally. This drove us to understand more. We conducted research between August 2019 and August 2020 and drew upon more than a dozen third-party data sources, ranging from the World Economic Forum and United Nations to global consulting and market research firms. We also developed a patent-pending formula to measure, quantify and determine the implications of the explosion of enterprise growth. The methodology is based on the analysis of thousands of attributes of Global 2000 Enterprise companies’ presences in each metro, along with variables for each metro, including GDP, population, number of employees, technographics, IT spend, average bandwidth and latency, as well as flows of data.

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