The Shifting Perimeter  

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The secure perimeter, as we have known it, has changed. This is the fundamental truth that has made government’s modernization and cybersecurity challenges all the more daunting. As more systems and applications move to the cloud – and agency users access them via multiple devices and from any location – the perimeter has evolved to wherever each user is. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) holds the key that can unlock many of the tough challenges agencies face as they move toward a zero-trust security model and evolve on their IT modernization journeys. Zero trust is the future – and MFA holds the answer to many of government’s most vexing modernization challenges. It allows agencies to gradually migrate from their traditional perimeter-based frameworks while developing future- looking plans that align with their broader IT modernization initiatives. And, importantly, agencies can take action today – to build a seamless security architecture for the future – without making massive changes all at once.

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