The Essential Guide to Securing Remote Access  

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In early 2020, the need for remote access boomed as organizations around the world instituted work-from-home policies amid a global pandemic. But remote access at massive scale brings with it new challenges. There are threats to users - like phishing, brute-force attacks and password-stealing malware. Devices are also targeted by exploit kits and known vulnerabilities affecting out-of-date software. VPN, RDP, third-party vendors, and cloud and web app access are also targets of malicious hackers. In this guide, you’ll learn how a holistic approach to securing remote access through zero-trust security can help mitigate these attacks by ensuring only trusted users and secure devices can access your applications and services. Ideal for security, compliance and risk management officers, IT administrators and other professionals concerned with information security, this guide is for any organization where remote access happens.

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