Seven Tough Questions Every Brand Should Ask Before Switching Certification Authorities (CAs)  

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Planning a certificate inventory up front is challenging – it is hard to predict how many of each TLS/SSL certificate type to purchase up front and keep in inventory. With Entrust, customers have the ability to purchase a pre-determined number of certificates at a balanced price - ensuring they get the right certificate inventory for the right cost. This flexible licensing model, available for new Entrust customers, allows organizations to see reduced costs and delivers the right certificate mix, enabling businesses to stretch a shrinking budget. For more than 25 years, Entrust has been the trusted certification authority to the world’s leading organizations. Learn from Entrust’s experts how to optimize your TLS/SSL certificates inventory.

Taking the matter of choosing a certification authority (CA) into your own hands is a wise move, and it’s fortunately not as challenging as you might think.

Identifying your needs and measuring them against what a prospective CA can deliver removes the uncertainty surrounding the CA migration process. It can go a long way in giving your organization the confidence to move forward with a transition to a new CA that has the capabilities and reputation your organization needs to strengthen customer engagement.

This white paper discusses the seven tough questions and key considerations that should be assessed before transitioning to a new CA.

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