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Today’s IT has moved well beyond its traditional support function, emerging as a key player in driving innovation. Market-leading companies across industries position IT as a strategic asset focused on usability, scalability, and speed to market. IT can create an edge over the competition by being an innovation incubator instead of a reactive support shop. Yet, IT is frequently pressured to reduce spend even as the business requires more.

The truth is your IT team is expected to make the right decision on budgetary investments and run incredibly lean without enough staff to handle all the fires that crop up. All this becomes very problematic given how much time IT spends just grappling with legacy datacenter infrastructure. It requires separate technology and expertise in compute, storage, and network, resulting in operational inefficiency, risk for downtime, and productivity loss as things work in silos. This ultimately leads to IT leaders and practitioners who are simply not set up for success, who are forced into reactive rather than proactive postures, and who have very little time for high-value initiatives or innovation.

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