Security for Modern Data Centers  

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Organizations face a multitude of cyber threats. As shown in Ponemon Institute research, exploits of software and application vulnerabilities, malware, including ransomware, spear phishing, ransomware, distributed denial of service attacks and web-borne malware attacks make it difficult to secure data centers.

These threats are causing problems for conventional data centers. As evidence, recent research reveals that the threat landscape is not improving. There are emerging threats such as cyber extortion, criminal malware and ransomware that are putting organizations at greater risk. The majority of organizations represented in our many research studies have experienced a data breach involving the loss or theft of more than 1,000 records containing sensitive or confidential customer or business information and say they had at least two data breaches during this time. The financial consequences can be devastating. According to our 2020 Cost of Data Breach study, the average cost of a breach can be $4 million.

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