Seven DevOps tips for faster app development  

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DevOps is about speed: faster application development, faster updates and continuous development, and faster shipments, all of which lead to shortened systems development lifecycles. Recent research shows that high-performing DevOps teams recover from downtime 96 times faster, have a five times lower change failure rate, and deploy code 46 times more frequently. In short, successful DevOps teams can deploy code and recover in a matter of hours, not weeks.

It’s no small wonder organizations of just about all sizes and across all vertical markets and global geographies have embraced DevOps. Another survey found that nearly three-quarters of organizations surveyed globally have already adopted DevOps. However, all this well-founded enthusiasm and DevOps potential is tempered by real challenges. This same study also discovered that eliminating process bottlenecks to speed up releases shot up to the top of the list of DevOps challenges. Streamlining collaboration and selecting the right suite of automation and other tools followed in order of leading challenges.

This paper lists the top seven DevOps tips that high performing teams are following to maximize their DevOps efforts and investments. Seven DevOps tips for faster app development.

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