Unfollow? What Moving Away from Social Media Advertising Means for Your Business  

Increase Landing Page Conversions

Going dark on social media could allow many brands to measure the true impact of their social campaigns on sales.

Facebook, and its affiliates, is usually a marketing investment “must” for companies both large and small. It provides targeted, efficient reach coupled with performance and has an endless pool of inventory (with 1.68 billion users), depth of targeting data, and their proprietary algorithms drive traffic and conversions. However, things have recently taken an unexpected turn.

Recently, concerns have escalated around both the accessibility to personal data and the increase in the spread of misinformation and hate speech by Facebook and other social platforms. These concerns have driven multiple heavy-hitting brands to cut, or suspend, their advertising spends on the platforms. As the saying goes, you are the company you keep, and Facebook’s perceived disinterest and lack of desire to both control the content that is being published in their advertising and strengthen their security protocols has made advertisers feel uncomfortable during times when social responsibility and personal privacy is highly prized by consumers.

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