Cybercrime tactics and techniques  

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The coronavirus pandemic has left the world looking very different at the end of the quarter than it did at the beginning. For starters, millions of workers are out of the office and working from their homes. This change in scenery, combined with safe social distancing efforts that help prevent the spread of COVID-19, has created a crisis for many, but an opportunity for some.

Employees are accessing company resources through VPNs, utilizing cloudbased services, and spending countless hours chatting on communication tools, all while connecting through personal networks and machines. In response, cybercriminals have been deploying campaigns to trick users into installing malware that steals login information for these sites, as well as provide remote control of the endpoint to the attacker.

This special, COVID-19 themed CTNT report for January 2020 to March 2020 looks at the most prominently spread malware families taking advantage of this crisis, as well as other cybercriminal efforts we observed. We will give you a look into what the campaigns that spread these threats look like and the capabilities of the malware, along with information about card skimmers and APT attacks, wrapping up with some tips on staying safe.

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