Empowering Finance & HR Collaboration: A Single Solution - Here and Now  

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In the new normal, the need for collaboration between Finance and HR has never been more important. Trusted, unified and transparent data can pave the way for a fully realised partnership — Finance & HR working together to remove the complexity of planning & forecasting.

In this on-demand webcast, you'll hear first-hand insights from a CFO, CHRO and CIO on how bringing together people, processes and systems has transformed their organisations and enabled them to make better, faster decisions.

Hear from:
Essential Energy: Paul Sonego - Head of Finance & Shannon Dawson - Head of Workforce, Alignment and Reward.
Aspen Medical: Sanja Marais - General Manager Technology & Innovation.

- Why siloed and disconnected systems prevent HR & Finance teams from getting the answers they need.
- How connected & real-time data provides new insights into the impact of budget changes, forecasts, talent and resource allocation.

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