Mastering customers signals: Personalised B2B Marketing in the Experience Economy  

Increase Landing Page Conversions

The world has changed for B2B buyers
The B2B buying experience has shifted to become more focused on digital, with more emotional, more real-time, and more social interactions just like in the B2C universe. In order to overcome these new challenges and succeed, B2B marketers must collect real-time data signals on their customers, understand them, and most importantly, use them to connect to what is now known as the B2B Consumer. In the current economy, there is nothing more important than customer engagement and retention.

This creates new challenges
Today, most B2B buyers work from home, which means they are currently sitting in the same chair where they make their B2C decisions – and those decisions are driven by emotions like fear, competition, time, and innovation. As the lines between home and office blur, so do the lines of how B2B buyers research, engage, and buy.

So how can you, as a B2B Marketer make your customers feel connected to you?

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