What CEOs want from CMOs – 5 Aces that stack the odds in your favour [On-demand Webinar] 

Increase Landing Page Conversions

The Experience Economy has taught service leaders how to be resilient in the face of change. Today, businesses must respond faster and be more agile than ever before. As Marketing professionals look toward recovery—and reinvention—they’re more reliant on customer signals than ever.

In this on-demand webinar, unravel the five aces (yes, five) that CEOs want, and CMOs have, that stack the odds in your favour. Hear from Jojo Concepcion, Chairman & CEO of CIC on the impact they’re seeing from Marketing today and what they expect to see in the future. More importantly, hear what he’s doing as a CEO to empower the marketing function to be future ready.

Jojo Concepcion, Chairman & CEO, Concepcion Industrial Corporation
Garrett Ilg, President – JAPAC, Oracle Corporation

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