Simplify B2C Marketing in this Experience Economy  

Increase Landing Page Conversions

Consumers interact digitally in micro-moments at the speed of their imagination. Having a great product or providing an excellent service isn’t enough to win in the Experience Economy. Brands like yours compete with experiences, and struggle with:

  • Marketing processes that are slow and not scalable
  • Disconnected data leading to inconsistent experiences
  • Limited customer insight and the inability to personalise in real-time
  • Effectively managing efficiency, scale, and personalisation

Oracle CX Marketing helps B2C marketers like yourself to develop direct relationships with consumers in real-time through individualised, cross-channel customer experiences that span the online and offline worlds. The goal is to provide the contextualised engagement each individual has come to expect, and continue to grow these relationships throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Learn how you can deliver relevant, timely and connected experiences with Oracle today!

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