Java with Otava & Veeam - Mitigating the Ransomware Threat  

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Ransomware attacks are up 300% since 2019 and cost US businesses more than $11.5 billion. It's nothing new for cybercriminals to be opportunists in times of global crisis. Are you prepared should a cyberattack threaten your organization?

Join us for a panel discussion on ransomware and cybersecurity mitigation best practices led by industry experts from Veeam (a leader in cloud data management) and Otava (the market’s secure and compliant cloud provider).

Our on-demand webinar topics include:

  • Common-yet-surprising sources of ransomware
  • Ransomware risk factors
  • Mitigation best practices from both technically and legally
  • Critical preparation and recovery steps to protect remote workers

Presented by: Redmond Channel Partner
Sponsored by: Otava

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