The PLM Deployment Handbook  

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Plan, Deploy, and Expand Your Digital Transformation!

The PLM Deployment Handbook published by Lifecycle Insights is an in-depth guide that takes you through the planning, deploying, and expanding stages of PLM Digital Transformation, scaled to fit any enterprise.

Author Chad Jackson, Chief Analyst and Researcher, provides insights on a range of technology led initiatives across mechanical, electrical, embedded software, system, and IoT engineering.

Jackson’s thorough understanding of PLM deployments and how they effectively interconnect disparate manufacturing divisions will help you develop both your short-term and long-term visions of how you want to transform your business, starting today.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s included in the handbook:

Alignment and Planning

  • Define a long-term vision
  • Drive initial buy-in
  • Prepare for tough decisions

Deploying and Evangelizing

  • Plan the deployment
  • Enable users
  • Capture and share success

Expanding and Supporting

  • Tailor benefits
  • Evangelize success, maintain alignment
  • Integrate functional systems
  • Support ongoing use

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