How Augmented Reality Expedites Training and Knowledge Transfer for Frontline Workers  

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Industrial manufacturing is nearing a tipping point, wherein the workforce —having amassed years of valuable experience and knowledge —is preparing to age out. This is critical for several reasons. First, traditionally, these experts act as mentors to novices and apprentices, demonstrating not only the proper workflow methods but also identifying shortcuts and tips. This includes all the tacit knowledge and shortcuts that have been accumulated through years of experience and aren't written down anywhere. Second, these workers also understand the importance of safety and how it aligns with industry and government standards, which is equally valuable to new workers and to the company. Third, these mentor relationships take place in realtime and in person on the job, keeping the learning experience as close to the actual tasks as possible. However, as experts leave, they take their years of valuable expertise with them. Collectively, this situation represents an opportunity —which sometimes ends up lost —to capture that knowledge and leverage it for training new or redeployed workers.

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