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The recent pandemic has been an unfortunate but eye-opening example of the impact that spontaneous disruptions can have across daily enterprise operations. Organizations around the world have had to contend with global supply chain shortages and overall financial uncertainty as they’ve witnessed spending fluctuate drastically between markets. Some industries have experienced unexpected surges in demand, while others have seen entire revenue streams evaporate as a result of facility closures or budget constraints.

Above all, every business has had to find an appropriate balance between keeping their employees healthy and safe and maintaining operational continuity across their facilities and the field. For industrial organizations that rely on the productivity of frontline employees to fulfill production orders, engage with potential buyers, and deliver field service to customers, social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions have created a unique set of challenges:

  • Shop floor layouts have needed reconfiguring to ensure physical space between employees
  • On-site personnel have been reduced to skeleton crews to minimize the spread of the virus
  • Drastic, sudden reductions in demand and productivity create pressure to lower costs
  • Frontline workers have had to learn new processes and technologies on the fly
  • Service technicians and field sales reps have had to shift to a more hands-off approach
  • Digital technologies that enable remote work are being more heavily relied on
  • At-risk senior employees are considering retirement sooner than expected

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