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Security can either be a barrier or an enabler. Assuring customers and partners that you’re capable of treating their data with due sensitivity and are able to keep it secure is becoming more and more a fundamental criteria in their selection process. So ensuring you maintain a good security record and install secure processes will help you to win new business and build new partnerships with greater confidence.

This is where a managed services partner can come in to show you the ropes and ensure you have the right technology and processes in place. Services like Vulnerability Scanning and Security Incident and Event Management as a service (SIEMaaS) provide round-the-clock assurance that services are working as they’re supposed to, uphold ongoing security levels and assure your business is well protected against potential attacks.

Another simple measure you can take is to adopt end-to-end data encryption across multi-cloud environments. For instance by using NetApp’s capabilities for encrypting data for on-premises storage systems, you can ensure a greater level of protection for data in transit and even onto NetApp’s cloud solutions. All this is managed through a centralised and well-coordinated management and key management system.

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