Active Intelligence: The Next Era of Business Intelligence 

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Traditional BI’s passive approach can’t handle today’s data-driven demands. In the digital economy, real-time agility has become essential. The faster an organization can respond to events as they evolve, the better it can meets its mission. That means arming people and systems with up-to-date, real-time information and analysis in order to optimize every moment.

Traditional BI can’t stand up to those demands. It takes a passive approach through the batch loading of preconfigured, historical data sets that represent the past in an effort to predict the future. And what about the ability to understand and take informed action at the most important moment – now? Simply put, traditional business intelligence solutions were not designed for optimizing real-time decisioning and actions.

Today’s organizations need a much more dynamic relationship with information. One where data has high value because it reflects the current moment. And one where information flows continuously into everyday processes, empowering users to engage with it in intuitive ways at any time – creating in-the-moment awareness about every aspect of the business and the market.

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