Ending the Vicious Ransomware Cycle Requires a Change in Behavior  

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Expert guide to a strategic, layered approach against Ransomware. From limiting yourself as a target, to having a secure, immutable vault.

Many organizations have dug themselves into a cybersecurity hole and cannot find a way out. Ransomware is the cause. Organizations inadvertently dig a deep hole by trying to manage their way out of a ransomware attack. Ransomware is an adversary that is always looming and threatening, like a lion behind the tall grass waiting patiently for its prey. It has unequivocally become the biggest threat to enterprises alongside malware and phishing—a bigger threat than a natural disaster, hardware failure, or even a zero-day attack.

  • Criminal behaviors and practices that contribute to vulnerabilities
  • Why organizations pay, and why they shouldn’t pay
  • Formulating a strategy to combat Ransomware and implement a backup strategy
  • Coming together to take back what has been stolen

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