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Synchronize Supply Chain Planning for Sustainable Business Growth


Synchronize Supply Chain Planning for Sustainable Business Growth

Power More Productive, Responsive, and Strategic Planning

Leading organizations embrace an agile and synchronized planning approach to respond to persistent disruptions and improve their ability to predict business conditions accurately in today’s environment. By digitalizing processes and fostering customer centricity, visibility, and business innovation, you can make supply chains more productive, responsive, and resilient.

Resiliency dictates that mid- and long-term planning must consider multiple supply chain scenarios. Your organization must be better prepared to respond faster when circumstances change in the short term. And your business must be able to simulate or plan for multiple scenarios with respect to market conditions, product adoption, and supply availability. These plans should include probabilities related to impacts, risks, and opportunities. All this will help you steer the business better, reduce the number of surprises, and make informed and profitable decisions. With software for synchronized planning, SAP supports the closed-loop process of anticipating, planning, and executing across supply chain stages and time horizons. By removing the traditional boundaries of today’s supply chain planning processes that are performed in silos, the software helps improve demand, delivery, inventory, supply, manufacturing, transportation, procurement, and asset operations.

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