Singapore FinTech Landscape 2020 and Beyond  

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As part of the report, we have conducted significant primary research to understand customer and business preferences, and how FinTechs are reacting and preparing for the future. This aspect of our research includes the following:

  • A survey of more than 60 FinTechs, the majority of which are based in Singapore
  • Expert opinions of industry participants (from FinTechs, Investors, and Global Technology companies, to regulators and industry associations), with more than 30 interviews conducted

We would like to acknowledge and thank the members of the Singapore FinTech Association and the wider FinTech ecosystem for their active participation.

Throughout this report, we have combined our research findings with an overview of the key success factors shaping the FinTech industry in Singapore, from the perspectives of funding, regulatory support, regional collaboration, and having an able talent pool.

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