Securing the DevOps Lifecycle with Continuous Trust
Establishing End-to-End Trust with Thales Luna Hardware Security Modules and CipherTrust Data Security Platform  

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While there are many business advantages to DevOps, security remains a significant challenge that impacts the integrity and trustworthiness of code, software builds, firmware, and data. As a result, security and quality assurance teams must be tightly integrated with DevOps to make the software development lifecycle both efficient and secure.

Secure DevOps ensures the trustworthiness of code, finished software, and data throughout the DevOps lifecycle.

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      When it comes to data and security, which field(s) are you interested in? *

      Data Discovery & Classification
      Protect Data-at-Rest, Data-in-Motion and/or Tokenization
      Key Management (EKM) / Bring Your Own Keys (BYOK) / KMIP
      Hardware Security Module (HSM) / Roots of Trust / Digital Signing
      Identity & Access Management (IAM)
      Quantum-safe HSM
      Secure file sharing
      All of the above