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Five reasons to add Veeam to your proposals

Every deal will be a bigger deal
A proposal combining Cisco offerings with those from Veeam will have a larger deal value, and that means more commission for you.

Every proposal will be more complete solution
Backup and recovery are not ‘nice to have’. They’re essential, and Cisco / Veeam integration is proven.

Offering Veeam will boost your sales
“Customers spending money on Cisco gear with Veeam software. … For every dollar they spend on Veeam, it's about $5 on Cisco. But over 35 percent of those customers within twelve months come back and buy more Cisco gear. … So for every dollar they spend with Veeam, they're spending $11 in Cisco HyperFlex or S3260.” Danny Allan – VP product strategy, Veeam, June 2019

Offering Veeam will benefit your customers
“Using Veeam to back up from HyperFlex storage snapshots is mind-blowing. We can’t believe recovery is 10 times quicker — it’s like night and day. Veeam helps us protect the business.” Adem Cahtarevic – Technology Systems Manager, Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy & Fertilisers

Every proposal will be more competitive
“The Veeam/Cisco combination was 28.9% faster than the other solution—10.44TB/hour versus 8.1TB/hour. Even better, the Veeam/Cisco price/performance was 49% lower—$37.26 per gigabyte per hour ingested, versus $73.16 for the other solution.” ESG white paper: Veeam and Cisco UCS Are Better Together

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