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Provide Users Fast and Secure Connectivity from Anywhere with the Leading SASE Platform Based on Containerization for Complete Data Isolation

With increasing bandwidth, encrypted traffic, shifts to cloud applications like Office 365 and users that are no longer constrained to traditional network boundaries, the ability to deliver fast, secure and compliant connections to cloud applications is more difficult than ever before. A Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE platform, ensures that any connection originating from a user or device to any destination in the cloud is secure and meets the organization’s connectivity requirements. However, with financial regulations and security risks associated with SaaS cloud delivered platforms, leveraging a SASE platform for secure connectivity can be a challenge.

The iboss platform is the leading SASE platform that is architecturally based on containerization. Containerization allows iboss to deliver secure connectivity for users anywhere while maintaining a completely isolated and controlled network data path. In addition, a fully containerized architecture allows for natural hybrid deployments where proxy and firewall security features can be delivered within an organization’s private network, while leveraging the cloud based service, if needed, for remote users or branch offices.

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