Ensure GDPR Compliance  

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Moving to the cloud can introduce compliance risks with regulations like GDPR.

Regulations are mandating organizations implement cloud policies to protect user privacy and meet other regional laws. When moving to a cloud gateway platform, ensuring regional compliance is critical to avoid breaking laws and receiving hefty fines. Cloud gateways scan user Internet data to deliver protection from malware and prevent data loss. Since these gateways exist in the cloud and sensitive user data traverses them, it is important that the gateways remain within region in order to meet regulatory constraints.

The iboss cloud allows administrators to create zones to ensure data is scanned within regulated regions when users enter those regions. In addition, the log event data that is generated by the cloud can be sent to reporting databases that reside within admin controlled zones as well. This ensures regulatory requirements are met while leveraging the elasticity and power of a cloud based gateway platform.

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